February 15, 2009

Find the Cheap Deals For Holidays

If you are looking for a cheap deal abroad or in the UK, there are a number of key issues to remember and you need to be flexible in order to get the best deals.

The golden rule of finding cheap deals is that you won't get a good bargain if you decide to travel in the traditional summer holidays of July and August but if you look two months before and two months afterwards, when the weather in the most popular resorts is still good, then you stand a better chance of bagging a good deal. Some large tour operators sell off empty seats on their less popular flights which will be cheaper if you are prepared to travel at short notice. However, be quick because bargains are very often snapped up within minutes of them being posted. Cancellations are rare but they do happen and you can get them at a discounted rate as the tour operators just want to ensure that the plane and hotels are full.

You don't have to go abroad for a cheap deal. A lot of national newspapers are offering summer holidays to UK resorts at a vastly rescued cost. Again, these are usually out of season but if you look around and choose places that have indoor swimming pools and plenty of facilities, then you might not miss the sun.

Cheap deals can often equate to poor quality so you have to be on the lookout for hidden extras. Always ask questions - tour operators have to relinquish information on the hotel, for example, if any building work is going on. If you can live with that, then see what else they can offer. If you don't ask, you don't get.

Alternatively, use the internet to browse around for cheap accommodation. You can get a low cost flight - again, some newspapers are offering very good deals on flights and travel. For example, you can get a very cheap ferry over to France - combine it with a break in Brittany for a cheap holiday!